A Leader in Autonomous Hailing & The ultimate ground travel solution for corporations


We're not just Qwykr... we're better!


Our corporate partnerships provide access to over 30 million individual customers.


Patent-pending technology ensures that rider and driver connect every time – effortlessly.


We offer a single app for instant hailing or making a reservation – for business or personal tansport.


Integration with enterprise expense tracking software saves time and eliminates waste.

About us

Qwykr adds value across the chain - from corporations to ride providers through to riders themselves.

Not just a cool app – Qwykr is a complete ground travel solution that solves multiple problems simultaneously.Provide end-to-end hailing & reserving of autonomous and conventional vehicles

Provide end-to-end hailing & reserving of autonomous and conventional vehicles

Service for the business traveller and club members

Connecting vehicle to the rider

Ride Tracking & Sharing + Feedback

Safety of Rider& Vehicle via Tracking

For corporations, it eases accounting and eliminates over-charges, resulting in hard dollar savings.

It enables regulated providers to acquire new riders, regain lost business, and compete effectively with rideshare companies.

Business travelers reap the benefits of streamlined ground travel and simplified expense reporting.

The app itself offers the convenience of hailing for immediate need or making a reservation for the future.

Patent-pending QwykrConnect™ technology matches the rider and driver, even in a crowd.

the qwykr team

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rene vishney

CEO & Chairman
Rene Vishney is a serial entrepreneur / founder of successful software companies in manufacturing systems, enterprise resource management, B2B and B2C sites, and finance and insurance.
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Steve Gardner

VP Sales
Steve Gardner has over 30 years experience as a marketing and sales executive. He has worked for a variety of companies including Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Adaptec, Perkin-Elmer, Inc., Data General, and DEC.
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A product development leader with significant product management experience. He has a successful track record of taking emerging products and services from inception to market leadership.
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Product Development and Operations
Pushie has 30 years of experience in operations and handling technical aspects of projects.

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