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Awesome Solution for the Simple Problem Nobody’s Fixed

Do you want to invest in ridesharing? Don’t know where to start? Ask any rider what they think about trying to find their driver at the airport. Odds are you’ll hear, “What a pain!” Or something like that.

Nobody has fixed it yet–not to the rider’s satisfaction.

So how do you connect a rider and a driver safely and effortlessly?

We Talked to Riders and This Is What We Found Out

Our informal surveys have shown that riders’ biggest complaint is that it’s hard to find your driver at a crowded venue. Even when you know who you’re looking for, it’s tough to pick out the right vehicle at a busy location.

Qwykr’s product suite is targeted at on-call ground transport companies and business travelers.

  • Our technology answers the passenger’s problem by uniquely matching riders and drivers
  • Corporate partnerships provide access to over 30 million individual customers
  • Integration with enterprise expense tracking software saves time and eliminates waste for business users and CFOs
Ground Travel Infographic

Why Qwykr?

  • We have a money-saving solution to a big small problem
  • We are building a product suite to address  people’s transportation needs, now and in the future
  • Our products will be used by autonomous vehicles too

Interested in learning more? Contact us now to receive a copy of the investor presentation and request a phone call.