About Us

We are a team of passionate, experienced people giving our software to 

  • Local Governments both cities and counties to make it possible for them to improve their public transport services.
  • Work with Autonomous vehicle manufacturers and developers to move our software onto the fully autonomous vehicle.

We are offering the OCT industry a way to stay competitive and stay in business. This is a very competitive market and as such our system will be offered to the OCT providers under a low – cost price strategy. This produces several benefits for the OCT industry easily allows the rider to use their smart phone:

  • To reserve or hail a Limousine or related vehicle,
  • See the fee rate for the vehicle to the desired destination,
  • To verify the driver is the correct one through a pattern matching system,
  • Collect funds for the ride
  • Monitor the ride
  • Ability to directly talk or TXT with the selected driver
  • Notify the rider when the summoned vehicle is near
  • Rating system for rider and driver
  • In addition, the system processes all payments, monitors vehicle location, and supports a variety of administrative functions. Further it reduces costs by reducing personnel in bypassing telephone calls and dispatch centers, etc.


  • Standalone – does not need to be integrated with other cloud systems 
  • Higher level of security than competitors because data is not shared among users
  • Plug and play in two to three days
  • API’s to work with autonomous vehicles and cloud
  • Full financial processing and reporting, 24-hour payment cycle for drivers

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