1. How safe is my information?
See our privacy policy for information on how we handle data privacy and security.

2.How do I hail a ride?

  • Download the Qwykr Rider app.
  • Click on “SIGNUP” to set up an account.
  • Tap Hail Now to request a ride.
  • Select a vehicle and enter the rest of the information as you’re prompted.
  • You’ll be notified when a  driver accepts your hail.

3. Can I reserve a ride?
Yes, you can. To reserve a ride:

  • Open the Qwykr rider app on your smartphone and log in.
  • Tap on RESERVATION to reserve to request a ride in the future.
  • Select a vehicle and enter the rest of the information as you’re prompted.
  • The customer receives a Confirmed Reservation and Payment screen.

4. What do I do if I have problems?
If you have any problems with the app or service, contact Johnny Carr at Cloud9 Limo. Email: jcarr@cloud9limo.com
Ph : (408) 930-5228

5. What if I can’t request a ride?
   If you can’t request a ride, send an email to our support team – support@qwykr.com

 6. What if my payment information is not accepted?
If your payment information is not accepted,

  • Be sure you’re using a valid credit or debit card.
  • Check to be sure you entered the information correctly
  • Contact your financial institution to be sure your credit card is valid/not blocked.
    If you’re still having problems, contact customer support – support@qwykr.com

7. Something happened on my ride. How do I report it?            
If it’s an emergency dial 911 right from Qwykr. Click on menu -> Emergency

8. What about fares, tips and cancellation fee?

  • Fares and charges are displayed when you hail or reserve a ride. Everything is inclusive in the fare. There is a separate tip option for rider at the end of the ride which goes to the driver. 
  • There is a cancellation charge of 25% or reservations canceled less than 24 hours before schedule.
  • If you believe your card was fraudulently charged, contact your financial institution immediately.

9. How do we know when the driver gets near, will they call or text or is there any other method?
We use Qwykr-Connect flash ‘Q’ to connect the matched driver-rider when the driver is within 50ft of the rider pickup as shown here

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