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Awesome Solution for the First/Last Mile Problem

traffic jam

It’s the first/last mile problem: the distance that’s too far for people to walk comfortably. Just far enough that you can get there faster by car. But then you have to navigate local streets clogged with all the other people driving to the same destination. Then you have to find parking–and maybe pay for it. And you have to reverse it all again when you head home, like a salmon swimming upstream.

Nobody has fixed the first/last mile problem yet. Ride-sharing is expensive at peak hours and adds congestion to city streets. Rental bikes, scooters, and skateboards work for some big-city markets, but they’re dangerous to anyone over 30. The suburban population is aging, and many no longer want to–or are able to–drive.

So how do you solve the first/last mile problem?

Qwykr Solves the First/Last Mile Problem with a MicroTransit Solution

  • We’re building on existing, proven technology that is supported by existing infrastructure, keeping development costs down.
  • We’re partnering with limousine companies so they can serve their community with more flexible solutions.
  • We’re building a partner network to sell additional products, increasing revenue opportunities.
  • Our products and partnerships reduce the risk for investors, the company, and the community.
  • We’re an experienced team of entrepreneurs and developers with successes already under our belt

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