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Simple, Reliable Ground Transport Solutions That Solve Your Problems

Our product suite starts with the simple problem of connecting riders and drivers. But it does so much more.

  • Qwykr Connect™ combines the latest in rideshare app technology with a back end that supports billing, reporting, and administrative tasks.
  • Qwykr Shuttle™ builds on Qwykr Connect by with a package for limousine companies that includes autonomous vehicle technology.

Qwykr Isn’t Just a Cool App-It’s a Microtransit Solution

Qwykr products solve several problems at the same time.

  • Provide end-to-end hailing and reservations for on-call transport like limos, cabs and ridesharing services
  • Simplify travel by making it easier to find a ride and recognize the right vehicle
  • Solve the “last mile” problem that commuters face: getting from home to/from a major destination like a transit hub

Push a Button. Find Your Ride.