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Qwykr Connect™

Now We Help You Solve Your Nightmare Problem

It’s raining. It’s dark. Where’s the passenger? You run a limo service. It’s a familiar headache.

It seems simple enough. Your driver needs to pick someone up but the airport is mobbed. S/he’s wasting time and burning gas looking for the passenger. How does s/he find the right person? How can your driver be sure it’s them?

Your passenger isn’t happy, either. Our informal survey of taxi, limo service, and rideshare users show that their number one issue is identifying their driver. They don’t like it any more than you do.

Qwykr Connect To the Rescue

It’s a simple idea, really. One smartphone app for the driver, one for the rider, connected through the cloud. Drivers and riders can track each other, and a unique alert helps them find each other.

And you only pay per trip. No expensive monthly solution, no complicated contracts. Simple.

See How Qwykr Connect Can Help You

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